Getting to Mykonos

If My Dobies Can Do It You Can!!

Once in Athens, you can get to Mykonos by air or sea.  Ferries and high-speed ferries depart from the port of Piraeus and the port of Rafina.   I personally prefer Rafina.  It’s way less busy.  You can sit at a cafe by the sea and wait for your ride.  When we travel with our two dobies (Zeus and Athena), we must go by sea.  Rafina is our definite choice.  We hire a taxi (or truck when the dogs are with us) to go from the main airport to Rafina.

The fastest way from Athens is to take either Aegean Air or Olympic Air.  It’s about 25 mins. You’re up and then down before you know it.  (Two Dobies just won’t fit in the overhead bins ) Their picture below was their first trip as pups. They traveled all the way from New York making quite a statement as they walked into JFK!

The Traveling Dobie Duo

#Mykonos #doberman #dobies #Dobie DuoThe Rough Ones_080514_0606

Their second trip from New York to Mykonos.

Me and the ‘kids” travel first class….back of the truck with the luggage to Rafina port from Athens airport.   (I suggest a taxi for you).    They handled the trip quite well as long as mom was with them.  Hubby was sitting comfortably up front with the driver (my idea).


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