Finding Your Way Around Mykonos Town

I sit in the harbor cafe and hear the distant cruise ship announce its arrival at  Tourlos Harbor in Mykonos. Not long afterwards, a long line of tourists with big floppy hats walk by.  They are following their guide who carries a flagged stick.  These “lemmings” as I call them,  have a set course through the winding streets to arranged sites and shops. Very little time is given to explore away from their group.  Like clockwork, we can expect to see them a couple of hours later, following the flag on the stick back to the ship.  They think they have seen Mykonos.  So sad. They missed the meal and barely had appetizers.

Be daring! Get lost for a while in the winding streets! You will
discover something at every turn.  Most of the towns people speak English. You can always ask for directions to the harbor.  They will
gladly point you in the right direction when you are ready to return

Mykonos Hora (town), is not huge. The stone streets are narrow and built like a maze . They say it was built this way to both confuse invading pirates and protect it’s residents from the winds.  For reference, uphill is the back of town and taxi/bus station. Downhill takes you to the front and the Old Port.

Cars are not allowed in town during peak season. There’s free parking just to the right of the Old Port if you have a rental car or bike. Nothing is too far. Just wear good walking shoes, sunscreen and get lost! Oh yes, bring your camera for all those postcard pictures you’ll be taking.


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