6 Things To Do In Mykonos Before Lunch

Ok, you’ve settled into your hotel, had time to catch some sleep and want to get a taste of what Mykonos town has to offer. I suggest you get an early start if you want to see it without the usual tourist crowd.  Here’s 6 things that will help you know this gem of an island a little better.


Enjoy breakfast very early morning in a cafe on the Harbor to first take in the
view and watch the fishermen sell their catch of the day and farmers displaying their produce.  If you get there after 9am you’ve probably missed it. Tourists are often still in bed recovering from late nights while the Mykonians are up and about early tending to daily chores.



2  FIND YOUR WAY TO GiIORAS the oldest bakery on the island (dates back to
the 17th century). Located on Ignatios Basioulus St. towards the back of town. Ask any locals and they will point the way for you.  Get there early morning to catch the bread being made in a traditional oven. This is where the locals buy their bread and other baked goods.  It’s an amazing treat!

baker original

3. WANDER the labyrinth of narrow streets with your camera before the
crowds arrive and the sun gets too hot. If you follow Matoyianni St, (near the statue of  Manto Mavrogenenous), it leads you in a circle around the town and has many upscale shopping venues along the way.  Explore the side streets off of this. Get lost. It’s not that big of a town. You will always find your way back. See where it takes you and get those postcard pictures.


4. VISIT LITTLE VENICE One of the most photographed places in the world.  Many distinguished sea captains  built their houses right on the picturesque shoreline. Many
of these have been converted into chic bars which still maintain their old world charm. It’s a wonderful place to sit and watch the sea and windmills while enjoying a beverage of choice.


5SEE THE FAMOUS WINDMILLS (mitilini) sitting high on the hill overlooking Little Venice.


6   SEE PANAGIA PARAPORTIANA. A Landmark in Mykonos. This white-washed Byzantine church dates back to 1425. It was completed
in the 17th century. Of the 400 churches found on the island, this one
is the most photographed. It is actually made up of 4 chapels on the
ground level and one chapel one floor up.


NOW HAVE LUNCH !!  You have plenty of places to ENJOY AMAZING FOOD BY THE SEA !!


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