Best Sunset Locations In Mykonos

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Grab your camera before sunset and prepare to get some wonderful sunset photographs! Here’s a list of place to get your best shots from.


Everyone heads to Little Venice by the windmills to capture a  glimpse of the sun setting over the Aegean Sea while sipping a glass of wine. The tavernas and cafes offer a perfect spot to sit and take in the end of the day.  Creative photographers will angle for shots that include the famous. Go early and get a seat outside Caprice Bar. The water is right by your feet.

2 KASTRO’S BAR plays classical music while you enjoy the view. Go early and get a table by the back windows overlooking the water and sunset.

3 OMIROS BAR (also a hotel and restaurant)  Owner is Nikos Nanou

Walk out the main gates of town and up the hill. Ask directions and anyone will point the way.  It’s a great place for sunset cocktails overlooking the town.  Fabulous view!

4. Take a car or bike and pack a bottle of wine to toast Apollo’s sun. Drive past Korfos Bay towards Kanalia.  Take the first steep road on your left just as you pass the beach.  It’s the road to POULI. Follow the road to the top and keep bearing right at the fork..  You will know you have arrived when you see Delos and the Aegean Sea.  Absolutely magnificent view from up there.  The road is narrow, but if you drive towards Pouli (residential area with no outlet), you will find an area just after the highest crest to pull over for a photograph.  The sun setting over Apollo’s Delos is unforgettable!



Agios Ioannis beach where the 1989 movie Shirley Valentine was shot. Hippie Fish  used to be a more traditional Greek restaurant called  Sunset Taverna back then Get a reservation and go early or you may not get a seat.  Fabulous views towards Delos while enjoying dinner or a cocktail.


You will get a view of Little Venice and anchor between the islands of Delos and Rhenia. A perfect way to see the sunset when the seas are calm.


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