Sacred Delos

Delos has always been a sacred island throughout human history.  I watch the sun set over Delos each night and feel a sense of awe for this ancient island that vibrates on a high energy magnetic field. A sacred place with no boundaries in time or space.  An island where no person was allowed to die or be born following the birth of the Greek god Apollo.

Delos is positioned right in the middle of the ring of islands known as the Cyclades.  Some say that a star with a ring of stars around it is found precisely above Delos during the summer months.  Many feel there is a mystical, magnetic pull between the moon, the sea, the stars and the island.  Locals feel this creates a balance of both positive and negative energies.  There are some who visit or live in Mykonos for this very reason….to feel it’s energy.


Leto, the mother of God Apollo spoke to Delos for permission to give birth to Apollo on Delos: “Delos, if you would be willing to be the abode of my son Phoebus Apollo and make him a rich temple, all men will bring you hecatombs and gather here, and incessant savour of rich sacrifice will always arise, and you will feed those who dwell in you from the hand of strangers: for truly your own soil is not rich”


Although it was the center of commerce and religion in ancient times, no one lives on Delos today.  The key attractions are the Temple of Apollo, Temple of Artemis, the Marble Lions, Sanctuary of the 12 Gods, Theater Quarters, House of Cleopatra, Trident House, Delos Theater, House of Masks, House of Dolphins and the Roman Baths.


You can catch a 30 minute boat ride from Mykonos Harbor each day except Mondays. I suggest the morning boat.  It’s very hot in the afternoon.  Wear comfortable walking shoes.  If you like to hike, it’s worth a climb to the highest peak, Kynthos.  On a clear day you can see up to 7 nearby Cyclades islands.  Wonderful photographs from there!

Rhenia – An Ancient Necropolis and Birthplace

I mentioned earlier that no person could die, be sick or born on Delos.  The island of Rhenia, next to Delos was used for burials and a place for pregnant women to give birth.

Apollos holy tree – Laurel

Apollo’s holy animal – Dolphin


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