Panormos Bay Mykonos


Panormos Bay seen from Mykonos highest point – Profitis Ilias church.

Panormos is often missed by tourists visiting Mykonos island.  In some ways this is a good thing. The huge party crowds fill Paradise & Super Paradise beaches, leaving Panormos to those seeking a more peaceful haven. If you’re looking for something special to do, read on

Take the road towards Ano Mera and watch for small signs on the left for Panormos Bay.  It’s a long winding, narrow road.


You will pass Marathi, one of the two water reservoirs on the
island.  It’s often very low in August which serves to really impress on
us how precious the water is to everyone on the island. Don’t waste it while you are there!


After the reservoir, watch for signs on the left for Aios Sostis. This will lead you to Agios Sostis beach, Kiki’‘s  and  Agios Sostis Church.  You will see a large unorganized beach (no chairs or umbrellas) to the right of the church. Nude sun bathing is allowed at the far end.

There is a wonderful gem of a taverna most commonly referred to as Kiki’s. hidden away left of Agios Sostis church.


Kiki’s has no electricity and does not take reservations. It’s has a few tables on an open patio facing Panormos Bay.  Notice the tree wrapped in padding to prevent guests from hitting their heads. There’s more of the same on the tiny patio.


Two brothers operate this wonderful taverna. They cook at the open grill by the front entrance.  First come first serve here.  I suggest you go early for lunch or dinner.  Many have discovered what used to be known only to the locals. This is the only place that my husband and I will stand in line for food. It’s so worth it! There’s a small secluded beach down the steps from Kiki’s entrance that you can also enjoy.


Our delicious lunch at Kiki’s.   They serve wonderful meat as well.


Agios Sostis Church. You can go inside the chapel to light a candle if the door is open.

Continue back onto the original main road and drive down towards Panormos Beach. At the end of the road you will find the beach on your right.


On your left, don’t miss checking out the wonderful Albatros Club Hotel.  It is run by two brothers Tasos and Christos who have continued following and building on their father’s traditions.  If you enjoy a family run place, organic home grown food for lunch or dinner with a swim in their pool to top it off, you must go there.  They have created a lush green oasis with beautiful accommodations  if you decide to stay. Some of the new additions have private pool and hot tubs. This hotel attracts repeat customers year after year for good reason.


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