Upscale Play In Mykonos

Want to be away from the very young, manic crowds of  Paradise and Super Paradise?  If you are looking for the upscale scene and don’t mind spending to experience it, then check out these super hot establishments in Mykonos.  Some are very new additions to the scene.




Scorpios is a new Adult Playground that opened the summer of 2015 on a semi-private peninsula at Paraga Beach.  You will find a posh, good looking crowd here,   It has two beaches (one private and the other is public Paraga Beach a 2 minute walk away), sunset DJ parties, evening dancing, food, cocktails and fine wines.  If you want a beach or terrace bed, book ahead. You can spend the entire day enjoying the sun right through to the sunset party and dinner!  Do take note that the private beach here is rocky.



Buddah bar is also a new addition to Mykonos as of 2015.  This  fashionable bar restaurant is located at the exclusive Santa Marina Hotel in Ornos.  You have a view of  yacht filled Ornos Bay.  It is laid back and mellow early evening with the tempo and music increasing as the night draws on and well-heeled guests fill the space.   The prices is high but the overall experience, the music with DJ, the hole package, makes it worth your while.  Go while it’s still light out if you want to enjoy the sea view first but late if you want the party scene.

Another newcomer right in Little Venice on the second floor above Semeli.  They are advertising it as a boutique, chic, nightclub. The original Toy Room is in London with Dubai and Mykonos opened in 2015.   Do not expect a large place.  It only holds 180 and has 12 private tables.
I should mention that Semeli downstairs is an institution in Mykonos.  It has been there for many years and has been revamped this last year in conjunction with it’s upstairs neighbor at the Toy Room.  Semeli is all day all night while The Toy room is nights only.
This is another London based newcomer to the Mykonos scene. Ling Ling is located where the Mykonos world famous Philippe’s garden restaurant used to be.  That location will always be special in my mind.  It is where my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  (ok, giving away my age now).  You will find it hidden in town.  Any locals will point the way for you.
Ling Ling is Cantonese fine dining anda nightclub.  The  restaurant itself is stunning with beautiful decor. The great music and low lighting create a good atmosphere.  The staff are incredible attentive and the food is great!  Check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.
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Uno Con Carne is another hidden gem hidden in town. This used to be an open air movie theater.  The big white wall at the back is where the movies were projected.  There was also a swimming pool in the center at one time.  One of my Mykonian friends told me he used to watch the movies from the next door roof as a little boy.    Now it is an Argentinian style steakhouse that also serves seafood.  It is a fabulous indoor/outdoor setting with clay relics beneath lighted glass flooring in part of the central area.  Think dining, not clubbing here.


th-2th-1thNammos is located at Psarou Beach.  It’s a hip, see and be seen place. Reservations are definitely suggested for both sunbeds and lunch or dinner.   Generally, the front row sun beds are impossible to get unless you are greek and or have an “in”.  Most regular tourists, are delegated beds further back while the front waits for 2pm arrivals. The food is great and the atmosphere picks up to party level as the day goes on.  Many events are planned here including weddings and music concerts.  There’s also a spa and store.



Interni is a beautiful garden eatery within an exquisite open-air dining room right in town. It’s next to the new Ling Ling.  Best seen at night, the space comes alive with its cinematic lighting that accents mature pine trees and white wooden awnings.  Diners choose between a center dining room and  comfy banquettes that strides the perimeter of the bar and lounge. Not for early birds, the restaurant doesn’t even begin to get lively until 11pm. It then becomes a full-on dance lounge at 2am on most summer evenings.


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This japanese restaurant is in Cavo Tagoo hotel with very atmospheric views of the port, town and cruise ships at night. As with most of the other places mentioned, the club atmosphere begins late evening.  I love the lounges on the pool platforms for drinks at night.  We often stop here for an evening cocktail and enjoy the scene.


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