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Who has not visited or dreamed of experiencing this lovely island? I have been visiting Mykonos for over 30 years with my Greek husband Nicos. We now also call it home.  To me it’s the closest thing to heaven!

Peaceful Tranquility, Beauty, History, Party Scene, Amazing and varied Beaches, Great Food and best of all ..Wonderful People!

Follow me as I lay it out before you.  Ask me questions and I will give you my best answer or look to find it for you.  There’s so much more to Mykonos than the average tourist would know.




2 responses to “INSIDE MYKONOS

  1. The same love I hold myself to Mykonos and I give as much advice I can to people who want to travel on the island or who want to come again to our island !! This suggest that almost everyone is to rent a boat to Mykonos to go to Delos ?? What would you suggest;


    • I agree Yiannis. A boat trip to Delos should definitely be on every visitor’s “to do list”. There are daily boats that can be boarded right by the town harbor. It is also fun to rent a private boat and visit the beaches on the opposite side of Delos. Do you have contact information you can share for renting private boats?


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