Traditional Greek Dancers Performed In Mykonos

The traditional Mykonos dance group Anemomile, (which means windmills),  joined with 14 dancers visiting from Thessaloniki on Sun. May 22, 2015. It was a wonderful event for everyone.  The local dance organizers, Ageliki, Tasos, Adonis, Irene and Maria joined with choreographer Thomas to help make the show extra special. Dancers of all ages and musicians gathered in Fabrica at the  back of town for some dancing and music in the street.  They then split into three groups, each parading and dancing through different parts of Mykonos chora (town).  Everyone finally met in the main harbor for an 8pm performance on stage.   Thank you to everyone who gave their time and talents for a truly special day in Mykonos.  BRAVO !


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