Untouched Panormos Beach Mykonos Changing??

Panormos Beach copy

Panormos beach Mykonos,  has been a lovely area devoid of sun beds, vendors and loud music so common to other beaches on the island.  It sits on beautiful serene Panormos Bay, and is one of the few remaining natural reserves or “green areas”.  I have met many visitors who return year after year, preferring to stay in hotels on Panormos Bay for this very reason.

It is often said that Mykonos “grows in the winter” referring to illegal construction work when the island is empty of tourists.  It seems this is happening on Panormos beach.  A very large club is now scheduled to open this summer despite illegal construction. It is the type of club normally built in what is referred to as “blue areas”.   The Mayor of Mykonos has refused to grant a license to this beach club and requested they destroy all illegal constructions.   The reality is, they may just go ahead and open despite the mayor’s efforts.

Residents, business owners, tourists and lovers of this oasis are desperately rallying to prevent this from happening.  Some have been attending meetings at the town hall to voice their concerns.  They are urging everyone to sign a petition to prevent Panormos changing negatively.

You can sign the petition at  Avaaz.org

Find out “What makes Panormos and surrounding area so special” Continue reading…..

Panormos Bay from Church



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