Delos Full Moon Concert July 17, 2016


Celebrate July’s full moon over magical Delos, with a music concert by wonderful Greek folk singer Eleftheria Arvanitaki,   The concert program is titled “Second Life“with singer Arvanitaki taking her lyrics from famous Greek poets.  What more appropriate place for an evening of  heavenly music than ancient Delos.  If you want even more reasons to attend this magical show, all proceeds  will be going towards the UNESCO heritage site for  restorations projects on Delos.

Tickets for this concert are available at Cine Manto , the Delos Tours booth on the harbor or Pasaji restaurant in Ornos.  Tickets are 50 euros per person, including transportation.  Boats leave at 7:30pm and return at 11:30pm.  If planning to attend, you must book early or risk not getting a ticket.


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