Mykonos 180º Sunset Bar is Picture Perfect

The name describes it perfectly. The 180o Sunset Bar situated just above the Chora, offers the best view of the Chora, Delos, Tinos and the sunset.

It is a  modern outdoor lounge with relaxing music offering cocktails and an amazing birds eye view of Mykonos.  I’ve added it to my “favorite” list of places on the island.12814288_747829565347539_3131255581195070155_n The 180o Sunset Bar has been open since May 15, 2016 and promises to be a winning addition to the island.  You will get the best photos of your trip from this location.  It’s spectacular!

Located on the grounds of Castle Panigirakis, it is not easy to find, but well worth the visit.  Look for the AB grocery store  just past the chora traffic circle in the direction of Tourlos.  It is located down a foot path behind the grocery store.  You cannot drive right up to it. Hours are 7pm-12pm
As Anastasios, the host says…..”It is a special place for special people”.



Mykonos Through The Arch BW

Mykonos Through The Arch by Leanne Vorrias  


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