A Jewelery Box In Mykonos

There is a giant jewelery box in Mykonos with more than 200 cycladic jewels dating all the way back from 55ooBC.

The Archeological Museum of Mykonos has been transformed into this beautiful showcase box by artfully using mirrors from ceiling to floor and filling it with jewelery and artifacts from 19 different cycladic islands.  The exhibition is called “Vanity: Stories of Jewelery in the Cyclades”.

Some artifacts have only recently been discovered, while many others are being displayed to the public for the first time.  You will discover jewelery that was used for adornment while other were worn to bring good fortune or protect against evil.

Also featured are 12 contemporary pieces commissioned from Greek jewelery designers.

Mykonos cultural and historic sights are often overlooked .The recently renovated museum hopes to draw more people through it’s doors.  This exhibition is being held until the end of November 2017,  after which  it will travel to other Cycladic island museums.


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