Panormos Mykonos Had A Few Challenges This Week.

Panormos Bay Mykonos had two separate incidents which broke the serene atmosphere of this beautiful oasis.

A fire raged in Panormos Mykonos very close to residential homes. Thankfully it eventually extinguished itself.  The unfortunate thing is that there is no professional fire equipment on the island when problems like this occur.  It’s lucky that there are no trees to burn.  It’s mostly dry brush, rock and stone walls that surround the homes.

A poor ram has found itself stuck on the outer side of the Marathi Dam at the Mykonos reservoir in Panormos.


It had been there for two days with no food or water.   The rainy winter season will eventually fill the reservoir, but at this time it is quite dry from the hot summer.  At the time of these photographs, the ram had been stranded for two days between steel rebars sticking out from the concrete both in front and behind it.  I am happy to say that it was eventually reported to be on safe ground and ok.

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