The natural elements of this island gem are vivid and strong.  In Mykonos, the sea, the sky, the sun, the hospitality, the fun, the charm all surround you, challenging you to rejoice in it’s pleasures.  There is so much more to this island than the average visitor sees.  Enjoy the party if you must…..but take the time to really see the beauty surrounding you.

Swim in its vast boundless blue waters. This barren island of granite rock, burned by the sun has 35 different beaches with crystal clear water to cool your body.  The sun, the moon, the winds and fresh Aegean air and smell of the sea will bring you back to nature and fill you with the awe of it’s beauty and strength.

Wander and get lost in Mykonos labyrinth of streets in the main town (Chora). Enjoy the beautiful harmony of the Mykonian architecture. Live unforgettable moments…the real myth that surrounds you…….The blinding white buildings surrounded by mountains and  Aegean seas beckons you to live….love….dance….sing….relish every waking moment!

Gaze at  Apollo’s setting sun over Delos, breath in the fresh sea air, feel the wind caress your face, drink from the fruit of the God’s and taste the fresh catch of the day caught by Mykonian seamen.


Explore Inland.

Discover the simple organic farm Vioma. It is worth the trip. VIOMA in Maou Ano Mera  where you can enjoy wine tasting, fresh produce dairy products and sweet honey. They also offer biking tours of the area if you are athletically inclined and wish to explore the island away from the crowds.





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