School Children Learn How Olives Are Cultivated in Mykonos Greece

The symbol of the olive tree has deep roots in Greek tradition.  It symbolizes wealth, health, wisdom, beauty and abundance.  Homer referred to olive oil as “liquid gold”. We certainly think of it that way around our home.


The Xidakis family of Mykonos has long been supporting the natural beauty of Mykonos and encouraging proper ecological use of the land.  Tasos Xidakis has learned from his father and grandfather to love and nurture this dry arid soil. Olive orchards do not generally come to mind when one thinks of Mykonos, but yes, they are here.  Each year Tasos has managed to produce a substantial amount of excellent grade olive oil for use at home and in the family hotel the Albatros

He now shares his knowledge with the younger Mykonian generation. It was mid November when the young school children eagerly followed his direction, grabbing the olive rakes and reaching as high as they could to bring the olives to the nets below.  They were full of questions, eager to discover how olive oil is produced from the seeds surrounding them and not just purchased at the local food market.

It was a fun day for all…….me and Nikos included!  We had tagged along, me taking photos and Nikos enjoying watching the children explore and learn. Of course there were wonderful freshly baked treats for everyone at the end of the tour.  How lucky we are to have someone like Tasos Xidakis who cares enough to share his wealth of knowledge with others.  We all left with a smile on our face and a little more understanding about the art of cultivating olives.


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