Epiphany Celebration In Mykonos

Epiphany2018_38 cl6

Mykonos Epiphany Celebration                         Photo Credit Leanne Vorrias

It was a beautiful sunny day in Mykonos for the Orthodox Christian Epiphany known as the Celebration of the Lights or Great Sanctification of Water which is held every January 6.   The town was full of Mykonian families coming to end the Christmas period in a wonderful symbolic holy ritual.

A processional of clergy, local authorities and worshipers made their way through the crowded town to the docks. Young Mykonian men eagerly dove into the frigid water to retrieve the cross.  It is a blessing to be part of this dive and particularly to the one who recovered it.  As he broke the water’s surface holding the sacred cross high, the crowd burst into happy cheers along with the blasting of horns from the local boats.

This holiday is one of the oldest Christian celebrations. It is a day when all creation is illuminated by the sanctifying presence of God. Epiphany symbolizes the Holy Water and consecrating of the waters.  It is believed this is when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.

All who viewed this happy event had a smile on their faces today!

Photo Credits Leanne Vorrias




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