The Artistry of Pastry Chef Romeo Andres in Mykonos

Romeo Andres_79.jpgThirteen year old Romeo Andres grandfather had owned a bake shop in Switzerland but his five sons chose other careers.  The bakery was sold  before he knew his grandson would follow in his footsteps. Romeo often passed his local bakery in Switzerland where the wonderful smells of freshly made breads and pastries enticed him.  Wanting to learn, he asked for a job and was hired.  This was his first introduction to what would eventually become his future.

At nineteen, Romeo ventured on his first trip abroad to Morocco.  By chance he came across an expert French baker who invited him to stay and work for him.  Romeo’s answer was, “I’m only on vacation”,  but this soon turned into a two year stay allowing him to continue perfecting his skills in the making of pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods. 

Another vacation, this time to Greece in October of 1985, brought him to famous Mykonos.   Paradise Beach became his vacation home for a few months during the off-season. Noticing that the Paradise Beach restaurant was missing a good afternoon cake with coffee, Romeo suggested to the owner that he should include something like this in his daily menu.  Again he was asked to bake and again his answer was, “I’m only on vacation”.   He did concede to baking cakes for this establishment during his stay but by April he finally returned to his Swiss home.

Romeo began working for hotels in Switzerland, but continually received calls from Greece to return and bake.  You guessed it.  The call of Greece drew Romeo back but this time during the start of the 1986 season.  He relished the warmer weather on this trip and renewed friendships he had made during his first Mykonos vacation.   Again Romeo was asked to create his wonderful pastries  with his answer being, “I’m only on vacation”, but  he succumbed to the lure of beautiful Mykonos and agreed to stay.

                                 Romeo Andres creating one of his delicious cakes.

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Mykonos became Romeo’s summer work place while the winters took him to the famous Greek ski resort of Parnassos in Arachova to bake.

It’s been 33 years and the “work vacation” never ended.  Mykonos is his home and the islanders are happy he decided to stay.  Romeo is now the pastry chef for  Bistro Sante and bakery  Zymoto creating his wonderful masterpieces while enjoying island life in Mykonos.  Don’t miss the chance to visit Sante or Zymoto for a coffee and something delicious while in Mykonos!

Romeo Andres_78.jpg







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