Let’s Do It Greece! Mykonians Join In Largest Simultaneous Volunteer Action.

On Sunday 29 April at 12 noon, I was so happy to see conscientious  Mykonians showing that they want a clean island free of rubbish!  The windmill area, Korfos Beach and Saint Anna Beach were the areas cleaned.

Korfos Beach Volunteer

Korfos Beach Clean-Up Volunteer 2018

Let’s Do It began in Estonia in 2008.  The dream of a clean environment emerged.  The global volunteer community  (many children included), has taken action on the same day  every year across the world to clean up our environment.  Greece joined  in 2011.  The terrible fires of 2009 made many Greeks look for ways to help Greece remain beautiful and reduce the environmental footprint.

Korfos Clean-Up April 2018_5

Korfos Beach Volunteer

Beautiful Mykonos suffers from far too much garbage strewn across it’s beaches and roadways.  It’s a windy island with loose debris often blown onto the beaches and into the sea.  A concerted effort is needed by everyone, those who live here as well as visitors, to keep this gorgeous island clean.   Take the time to pick up that plastic bottle that you may see in front of you and throw it in the garbage.  If you see someone littering, say something!  If we all work together, we can definitely make a difference.  Let’s Do It Mykonos!!

Korfos Clean-Up April 2018_9


Korfos Clean-Up April 2018_7Korfos Clean-Up April 2018_10






3 responses to “Let’s Do It Greece! Mykonians Join In Largest Simultaneous Volunteer Action.

  1. In the summer, I pick up rubbish with my kids nearly every week if not daily on the nature path from Platis Gialos to Agia Anna beach towards Nikolas Taverna … there is just so much Finnish left there by passers by.
    We also use re-usable glass cups and encourage restaurant owners to offer them and glass bottles.
    If Mykonos organizes any kind of rubbish jogging/ walk in the summer I am in!!!! Let’s keep plastic out of the sea!


    • Yes Sandra! We need more here like you and your family! If everyone takes responsibility, it will be so much better for our lovely environment. I too pick trash up every walk I take. I always keep a bag and gloves in my pocket for such trips. I know your path from Platis Gialos to Agia Anna and am so glad you help keep it clean. There will be another national day in April here for all to get together and clean the beaches. I am usually on Korfos Beach cleaning or shooting photos. Perhaps we will meet!


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