Nadia Bitar – A Talented Resort Wear Designer In Mykonos

Trying to beat the heat of midday in Mykonos, Nadia Bitar, up and coming resort wear designer, and I her photographer, began our shoot early at Ftelia Beach.  Down the rocks we climbed carrying photo equipment and garment bags full of one-of-a-kind stunning outfits.   Not only did she design them, but was going to be our model as well.  As you can see by the photos, she is totally at ease in front of the camera, having been a professional model in her past.

Nadia was born in Monrovia Liberia but war turned her and her family into refugees in Ghana.  Fortunately, she was able to overcome early obstacles to study broadcast journalism and model in South Africa, London and New York.  Eventually she decided to create her own designs instead of modeling for others.

After an hour of pleasant shooting, the trusty Mykonos winds picked up.  We had to search for a more wind free area to accomplish our next goat…….building a TeePee !!  Yes, there we were on a quiet secluded natural beach with 8 unsuspecting sunbathers watching us erect an indian TeePee.  After a few attempts, we managed to complete the project and continue our shoot.  Under the now very hot sun, Nadia managed with complete composure to expertly model each of her remaining designs to the delight of the onlookers.  I know they were “delighted” because they asked for photos and “who was the designer?”.

Each of her designs is inspired by african culture and hand crafted in Monrovia Liberia.  She uses locally sourced fabrics with each purchase supporting the Monrovian craftsmen.

Falling in love with a Greek, having two beautiful children and building a new life in Mykonos Greece hasn’t stop her desire to become an entrepreneur.  She is constantly traveling in search of the perfect fabrics for her creations and oversees production. I know we will hear more about the success of this talented lady in the future.  You will find her website at   and


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