Celebrating Harvest With Grape Stomp In Mykonos

For many people Mykonos brings to mind dancing at beach clubs not dancing on grapes.  I am here to inform you that yes, it happens here every year when grapes mature at the end of August or early September.  One location is Vioma Organic Farm.  I was lucky to participate in the ancient tradition of grape stomping at Albatros Hotel in Panormos Mykonos.

This age old tradition  was a way to gently extract the juices from the grapes without crushing the bitter tanins from the seeds.  Of course today modern wine making uses more advanced technology, but if you ever get the chance to experience this ancient tradition you will have a fun and memorable experience!

It’s actually a solid workout that takes hours to complete.  Washed feet stomp away , the extracted juice is filtered as it drains from the vat, it’s tested and fermentation begins.  It is definitely a Mykonos experience you should see on the island during harvest time.




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