Young Men With Faith Dive To Retrieve The Holy Epiphany Cross In Mykonos

Faith is the center point of the Greeks.  For many young men, Epiphany is part of growing up Greek.

On January 6th, the Church bells rang out, the priest emerged carrying the golden Epiphany Cross and baskets of holy bread were passed around to those in attendance. Epiphany, one of the great feasts in the Greek Orthodox Church celebrating the baptism of Christ.epiphany 2019019_1

A naval officer flanked by priest paraded the cross through the chora to the harbor. followed by the islanders.epiphany 2019034_1epiphany 2019031_1

epiphany 2019080_1Their fathers and brothers dove for the cross. On this freezing cold day in Mykonos, these Greek Orthodox teenage boys dream that they will emerge from the water with the cross.epiphany 2019062_1Following the release of a dove and a special blessing from the priest  the boys  dive into the chilly waters  each frantically working to be the one to retrieve the  crossepiphany 2019081_1

epiphany 2019083_1epiphany 2019087epiphany 2019085_1 Themios Tsintzeras ,(Θύμιος Τσιντζηρας) found the cross in Mykonos Chora.  Aris Christodoulakēs, (Άρης Χριστοδουλακης)   found the cross thrown in Ano Mera Mykonos.  They will be blessed for the rest of their lives.epiphany 2019087_1epiphany 2019116The word “Epiphany” means the lowest point of light.   Epiphany occurs during Winter Solstice.  It is now the beginning of the return to longer days of sun.  Also on Epiphany, the kallinkantzari, the malicious spirits who are said to be active during the twelve days of Christmas, are believed to be banished for the rest of the year.

It’s a blessing just to be able to participate. Being a part of it is part of the faith.  May we all look forward to a blessed year full of light in Mykonos and around the world.


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