Pirate Treasure, Carnival King and Kites

A fun weekend for children in Mykonos

Colorful Pirated socks were hidden in pirate chests all over Mykonos town on the Saturday before Lent. Teams of children wearing pirate hats ran through the streets in search of the bounty. Those who found and wore the “forgotten socks of Mermeleha” won special prizes.

The merriment continued on Sunday with a spectacular carnival parade led by The Carnival King.

The parade ended with Carnival King set on fire amidst colorful fireworks.

Clean Monday – Kites and Fish!

Kathari Deytera or Clean Monday marks the end of Carnival and the beginning of the Greek Christian Orthodox Lent – the 40 days fasting until Easter.

Mykonian children headed for the beaches to fly kites and enjoy Lenten food at outdoor picnics. All kinds of sea food is consumed while meat is eliminated from the menu. It was picture perfect weather for all three days of events on our beautiful island. Everyone including the adults had a great time!



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