Mykonos – Her Faith

Mykonos is not all about clubs and summer party scene. There is a very large community of Mykonians and expats living on this unique island all year round. Visiting tourists quite often only see the island as portrayed in hyped up videos showing scantily clad people dancing on beaches.

If you look deeper or visit off season, you will find family life deeply rooted in their Greek Orthodox religion and culture. It is an integral part of life here. The most important holidays are religious in nature. The island is dotted with over 600 churches. Many are privately built small chapels. Each is traditionally positioned for the front door to face the setting sun allowing the last rays of sunshine to bath the inner sanctuary or to the sea. Some have an adjoining area for numerous religious Paniguria celebrations. Some are also used to house the bones of deceased family members.

If you truly want to experience the real Mykonos, take time to travel the island and look beyond the party scene. You will not be disappointed.


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