Jumping Fire In Mykonos

If you were visiting the famous windmills of Mykonos on June 23, you might have been surprised to see people jumping over fire. The fire was created using the traditional May flower wreaths that many had made last month for May Day.

Mykonians gathered to jump over fire during the St. John’s celebration at the end of June. This was considered a purification if jumped over 3 times.

Traditionally, on the eve of St. John’s, the feast of Klydonas was celebrated. Unmarried woman would gather and one would go to the well bringing “silent water”. This name came from the fact she could not talk to anyone as she brought it back. The water was put in a clay pot, covered and tied with a red cloth. It is believe the girls would dream of their future husband that night. It is wonderful to see old traditions kept alive in Mykonos.

Images by Leanne Vorrias


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