About Leanne



Hi.   I’m a photographer who absolutely LOVES Mykonos!  I also live on this beautiful island.  It’s my pleasure to share my thoughts, photos, travel suggestions, and “Outsider’s Insider Views” with you.

Who has not visited or dreamed of experiencing this lovely island? I have been visiting Mykonos for over 30 years with my Greek husband Nikos. We now also call it home. Nikos often jokes that I am more “Greek” than him. Having converted to Greek Orthodoxy before we married, I have embraced the people and culture whole heartedly. Choosing Mykonos as our home is a dream that began many years ago.  To me it’s the closest thing to heaven!

Peaceful Tranquility or Party Scene, Beauty, History, Amazing and varied Beaches, Great Food and best of all ..Wonderful People!  Yes, I know there are many problems, as with any place on earth, but I choose to embrace the good parts of this amazing country….Greece.!

Follow me as I lay it out before you.  Ask me questions and I will give you my best answer or look to find it for you.  There’s so much more to Mykonos than the average tourist would know.  I’ll try to help make your visit to Mykonos a little more special!

My other websites:

PhotoRevelation …….  http://www.LeanneVorrias.com

My Boards on Pinterest ……. http://www.Pinterest.com/Photorevelation/Mykonos/

INSTAGRAM….. https://www.instagram.com/leanne_vorrias_

Twitter……….    https://twitter.com/Photorevelation


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