Mykonos LGBT Side

Mykonos has an air of exclusivity but without the attitude.  It’s an island that offers everyone an amazing vacation regardless of who you are. Yes it’s extravagant, but that’s part of it’s charm.  The pleasure seekers fill the island during the summer season soaking in all it has to offer.

It’s been a holiday hot spot for the gay community since the 60’s.   The islanders do not judge.  They know that the gay community contributes a lot of revenue to the island.  Many have stayed and built beautiful, well-appointed villas and businesses. They  offer much to help make Mykonos so cosmopolitan and special.

There are a numerous hotels and clubs that cater to the gay travellers.  Pierrot’s used to be the main hot entertainment spot for decades until it closed it’s door a couple of years ago.

Now, the first that comes to mind is the Ilysium Hotel.  It is gay exclusive but staight friendly and known for it’s nightly drag shows. It sits on a hill at the back of town.  I went there recently with some friends for drinks and the show by the pool.   Lip synching singers dressed in amazing costumes were accompanied by very sexy male dancers. It was a lot of fun, whether you are straight or gay.


Jackie O in town and Jackie O Beach on Super Paradise Beach are two popular clubs. Jackie O Beach is large, elegantly placed on the cliffside with outside pool, bar and terraced dining overlooking the beach.  You will find drag shows poolside late afternoon before sunset.


Jackie O Beach at Super Paradise Beach

Porta Bar

Located in a tiny alley by the harbor front.  It is small and similar to a traditional English pub inside.


Montparnasse – The Piano Bar

I love this place by Little Venice and go often with friends. It’s been operating for over 30 years.  Phyllis and Kathy(“Babe”) and their piano accompaniment Bobby, David or Mark keep the atmosphere lively from 10pm to early morning hours.  It’s a wonderful place to go for drinks and good fun entertainment.  Tell Babe Leanne sent you and give her a kiss from me.


Beaches That Attract Gays

There are three main beaches, each with gay and nude sections: Paradise, Super Paradise and Elia. Small bars and restaurants overlook the turquoise sea. From early evening the bars turn up the volume and become open air dance clubs, packed with party goers nearly all night long.
Buses go direct from the town via narrow, winding roads. Small boats leave from Platys Yialos.

The Annual XLsior Festival

This annual 5 day international gay festival draws thousands each year to Mykonos and brings lots of revenue to the island.


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